Who We Are!

We have all been touched by this deadly breast cancer. Just about everyone knows and loves someone who has dealt with breast cancer.

Why don't we know what the causes are for breast cancer? The only way to find answers is to do more research. Research takes collective amounts of money. Much of this collective money comes from our taxes. However, because the answers are long in coming, we must make a collective effort to put monies in a more pointed way.

Candy for a CauseTM is hoping to provide a way to do just that collectively aim money at research which produces an answer for why breast cancer occurs. In turn, after finding the reason or reasons, we hope to considerably reduce the frequency of breast cancer much like sunblock has done for skin cancer and not smoking has done for lung cancer.

Candy for a Cause TM is a program that accomplishes 3 things:

  1. Offers a delicious treat to  customers in an attractive display while showing customers your support to the cause. At seeing the display, customers will get an immediate feel for the type of caring merchant you are.
  2. Collectively benefits the fight against breast cancer. 
  3. Provides an income for the vendor to support the vendor's family and community.